10/14/2020 admin

Available for pre-order

Safe is finally available for pre-order on Amazon, and there are only a few weeks until the official release date!

My plan had always been to have a book launch at the Barnes&Nobel in Stamford. It was supposed to be my equivalent of a wedding—my day. I was going to, for the first time in my life, get my hair and nails done, and possibly change out of my barn clothes. My parents would fly in from North Carolina, and I’d reconnect with those who had perhaps only seen me at my worst. There would be pizza.

Then the pandemic happened, and large gatherings became unsafe. (Very inappropriate for my book title.) So I mourned the loss of my proverbial wedding, but I got over it. After all, if I only wanted a party, I could have skipped writing the book.

What have you lost to the pandemic? Connections…vacations…activities…jobs…lives?

I also miss seeing my therapist in person.

But what have you gained?

I gained my first summer at home, since we did not travel to horse shows. I ran and wrote and played with my bunnies. I gained deeper connections to those around me. I gained not having to go to parties. And who doesn’t like staying six feet apart?

Sometimes, there’s a silver lining—to the pandemic, to pain in general.

Safe is the silver lining to all the years I spent depressed. It wouldn’t have happened otherwise.