09/30/2020 admin


Welcome to my first blog post, on my first website, for my first book! I appreciate everyone who has stuck around on this long journey, and I appreciate those who are deciding to join me now.

I’ll answer the question asked of me most frequently.

What motivated me to write Safe?

It was never intended to be a book. It started as a therapy exercise. In individuals sections, I was asked to write about specific experiences that affected me greatly. They added up, and my therapist said, hey, this could be a book. About half way through, I could suddenly see a narrative ark, a theme, and a conflicted protagonist. My goal became completing the story.

Once finished, I decided to clean it up a little, with the help of Gotham Writers in NYC. This is when one of the instructors said, hey, you know this is good, you could publish this.

Never one to back down from a challenge, and with no fear of rejection, I spent many months being told no, until Brandylane said yes. Signing the contract was one of the most exciting things I’ve done.

The next year was spent editing. It was far more work than writing the book in the first place. My editor is an amazingly cool person, and also brilliant.

I’m currently beginning promotion, which is not my forte. But I’m trying.

However, my love of writing, the suggestion of a therapist, the encouragement of an instructor, and my fanatic devotion to my goals doesn’t actually answer the real question, which is:

Why would I want my family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and total strangers to know about the most personal, embarrassing, and painful aspects of my life?

Because I spent a large part of my life depressed. I spent a long time wanting to be heard, understood, acknowledged, validated, and believed.

Safe said LISTEN.

My therapist did, and it was the most empowering feeling there is. I took it a step further, and now anyone who reads Safe will hear, too.

Perhaps you’ll see yourself in parts of Safe. Perhaps you’ll better understand those you love. Perhaps it will motivate you to speak, and then perhaps you’ll be heard. Or perhaps you’ll just enjoy a damn good story.

For now, it’s my time to retreat into the safe confines of a wonderfully normal, peacefully boring life.

Thanks for listening!